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Welcome to the 2017-18 Grade School Sports Season!


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2017-18 SportsScene Sponsors



St. Lucy - Racine “Lightning”

Is a proud sponsor of SportsScene!


30th Dan Biesack Memorial Basketball Tournament

Boys 5th thru 8th Grade: Jan 14 – 21, 2018

Girls 5th thru 8th Grade: Jan 3 thru 13, 2018

Link to BB Flyer

Expires 8-17-17

StDoms Knight


St. Dominic Brookfield “Knights”

Are proud to be a SportsScene sponsor!


Girls 8th Grade “A” & “B” and Boys 8th Grade VB Tournament

Sept 18 thru 24, 2017


VB Tourney Flyer


Girls & Boys 5th 6th 7th (A & B) Grade VB Tournament

Nov 2 thru 5, 2017


VB Tourney Flyer


Expires 8-26-17



Christ King, “Cavaliers” Wauwatosa

Supports SportsScene!



8th Grade Boy’s & Girl’s “A” team Volleyball Tournament

Sept 5 - 10, 2017

Link to VB Tourney Flyer




Expires 10-4-17

St. Francis Borgia – Cedarburg “Knights”

Supports SportsScene!


8th Grade Girl’s VB Tournament Sept 22-24 2017


Link to VB Tourney flyer



Expires 12-6-17



St. Leonards, Muskego “Trojans” supports SportsScene!


2017 VB Tournaments:



Link to VB Tourney Flyer


Expires 7-22-18


Holy Angels West Bend

is a returning SportsScene sponsor!


Girls 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Tournament

October 23 – 27, 2017


VB Tourney Link


Expires 8-30-18


St. John Vianney, Brookfield  “Shamrocks”

supports SportsScene!


2017 VB Tournament Dates:


September 12-17: 5th Grade Girls/Boys

September 16-Oct 1: 6th Grade Girls/Boys

October 10-15: 8th Grade Girls A,Girls B, Boys A, Boys B

October 23-29: 7th Grade Girls A,Girls B, Boys A, Boys B


VB Tournament Web Site

Expires 8-5-18



St. Matthias “Bulldogs”

Supports SportsScene!


2017 VB Tournament schedule

Link to 2017 VB Tourney Flyer


Expires 8-30-18




St. Joseph Wauwatosa “Spartans”

Supports SportsScene


2017 Volleyball Tournaments


Boys 8th Grade  Oct 5th & 7th, 2017

Girls 8th Grade Oct 3rd & 8th, 2017


Link to Volleyball Tourney Flyer


Expires 10-29-18




2017 Dates:


October 30th thru November 5th, 2017


Become a Seton Sponsor!!


Elizabeth Seton Volleyball Tournament Supports SportsScene!


Link to our web site


Expires 8-25-17



St. Roman “Gladiators”

Supports SportsScene!


VB Tournaments:

Girl’s 7th Grade “B” Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2017

Girl’s 5th Grade Oct 19 – 22, 2017


Link to VB Tourney Flyer


Expires 8-23-18




St. Mary’s, Menomonee Falls

“Warriors” Supports SportsScene!

BB Tournament Schedule


Link to VB Tourney Flyer


Expires 8-5-18





University School Supports SportsScene!!!


Signup for Early Bird Boys/Girls 8th Grade BB Tourney

December 8 & 9 2017!!


Link to BB Flyer





Expires 8-12-17

bca logo only.jpg

Burlington Catholic “Charging Panthers”

Supports Sportscene!


Charger Challenge BB Tournament

Week of Nov 27th and Dec 4th

Girl’s Grades 6th & 7th “A”

Boy’s Grades 6th & 7th “A” & “B”

Link to Tournament Flyer




St. Anthony on the Lake – Pewaukee “Mustangs”

Supports SportsScene!

Check out our new gymnasium!

Description: Gym


Boys & Girls Grade 5 & 6 “A” Feb 18 –26, 2018


Girls Grade 7 “A” & Boys “A”&“B” Jan 22 – 28, 2018


Girls Grade 8 “A” & Boys “B” Nov 17-19, 2017


Link to BB Flyer


Expires 11-7-17



2016-17 SportsScene Sponsors



St. Boniface “Eagles” Supports



Boys/Girls 7/8 GR BB tourney: Dec 4, 6-9, 11, 2016

Boys/Girls 5/6 GR BB tourney: Feb 26, 27, 28, Mar 2-4, 2017



Link to BB Tourney flyer


Link to Tournament web site


Expires 8-29-17




Mother of Good Counsel “Magic”

Supports SportsScene!


“Heart Breaker” BB Tournament

Boys 8th Grade “B/C”

Girls 8th Grade “A/B”

February 2 -19, 2017


Link to BB Tournament Flyer

Expires 10/20/17



St. Jerome – Oconomowoc


Supports SportsScene!


2016-17 Basketball Tournaments:

Feb 9-14, 2017 Boys 5th & 6th , Girls 5th

Feb 16-21, 2017 Girls 6th & Boys 7th

Feb 23- 28, 2017 Girls 7th & 8th & Boys 8th



Link to 2016-17 BB Tourney Flyer


Expires 11-3-17



St. Joseph Grafton Lancers


2016-17 Basketball Tournament

5th Grade Boy’s & Girl’s Dec 5 – 11, 2016


Link to Flyer



Expires 10-25-17


St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

is proud to be a SPORTSSCENE sponsor!


2016-17 BB Tournaments:




5th Grade Jan 20 -22, 2017

6th Grade Jan 13-15, 2017

7th Grade “B” Feb 17-19, 2017

8th Grade “B” Nov 25-27, 2016


Link to Boy’s BB Tournament Flyer





6th Grade Feb 24-26, 2017

7th Grade “B” Feb 10-12, 2017

8th Grade “A” Jan 27-29, 2017


Link to Girl’s BB Tournament Flyer



Expires 11-25-17




Holy Apostles – New Berlin

Supports SportsScene!


2016-17 BB Tournaments


Link to BB Tourney Flyer


Expires 8-26-17




St. Agnes, Butler “Deacons” Supports SportsScene!


Girls Basketball Tournament Jan 10-22, 2017

Grade 5, 6, 7b, 8b

Girls Tourney Flyer


Boys Basketball Tournament Feb 14-26, 2017

Grade 5, 6, 7b, 8b

Boys Tourney Flyer


Expires 10-25-17




St. Mary’s, Hales Corner’s

“Royals” supports SportsScene!


2017 Basketball Tourney Dates:



Link to BB Tournament Flyer

Expires 9-14-17


St Rita, Racine “Royals”

Supports SportsScene!


Basketball Tournaments!


5th and 6th Grade Girls  Jan 21st to Jan 29th 2017


7th and 8th Grade Girls  Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2017


5th and 6th Grade Boys  Feb 4th to Feb 12th 2017


7th and 8th Grade Boys  Feb 11th to Feb 19th 2017


Link to BB Tourney Flyer


Link to our tournament web site



Expires 10-18-17

st joes logo


St. Joseph- Big Bend “Knights”


6th Grade Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball Tournament

January 11 - 15, 2017

Link to BB Flyer


Expires 11-27-17





St. Kilian – Hartford “Cougars”

Boys & Girls 5th – 8th Grade

Basketball Tourney Feb 13 Feb 26, 2017


Link to BB Tourney Flyer


Expires 11-15-17





Washington / Caldwell SchoolWaterford “Bulldogs”

Supports SportsScene!


“Bulldog Classic” BB Tourney

March 2-5, 2017

 (Boys/Girls 4th-7th)

Link to BB Flyer


Expires 10-11-15





Waukesha Catholic “Knights” Supports SportsScene!


Basketball Tournament Dates:


5th Boy’s & Girl’s: Jan 19-22, 2017  àBB Flyer

6th Boy’s & Girl’s Mar 2-5, 2017 à BB Flyer

8th Boy’s “A” Feb 23-26, 2017 à BB_Flyer

8th Girl’s “B” Feb 23-26, 2017 à BB Flyer

7th Girl’s “A” Feb 23-26. 2017 à BB Flyer

7th Boy’s “A” Feb 2-5, 2017 à BB Flyer

7th Boy’s “B” Feb 2-5, 2017 à BB Flyer


Expires 9-26-15

BA interlock

Brookfield Academy “Blue Knights”

Boy’s 8th Grade BB “A” tourney Jan 12, 14/15, 2017

Boy’s & Girl’s 7th Grade BB “A” tourney Feb 22-23, 25-26, 2017


Link to BB Flyer


Expires 11/20/17


Holy Family Logo


Holy Family – Whitefish Bay “Cyclones” Supports SportsScene!


Boy’s 8th Grade “A” BB Tournament Jan 27-29, 2017

Girl’s 8th Grade “A” BB Tournament Jan 13-15, 2017

Boy’s 7th Grade “A” BB Tournament Jan 20-22, 2017

Girl’s 7th Grade “B” BB Tournament Feb 10-12, 2017

Boy’s 5th Grade BB Tournament Feb 24-26, 2017


Link to BB Flyer


Expires 12-16-16






Seton VB Tourney Web Site: Click Here


The Padre Serra Web Site: Click Here


Contact Information: Gary A. Romanowich (gromanowich@gmail.com)